Amazing places to sleep around the world

What’s the most amazing place you have ever spent the night in on your travels? Have you experienced a particularly amazing hotel, or a houseboat or an ice hotel? There are some incredibly unique places you can spend the night in across the world and travellers are seeking out more unusual and Instagrammable accommodation on their travels. Here’s a roundup featuring top travel blogger recommendations of amazing places to sleep around the world. From cave hotels, liveaboard diving boats, safari lodges, treehouses, Ice hotel and glass roof cabins, this list should hopefully inspire your wanderlust!

Amazing places to sleep around the world

Aurora Cabin Lapland – Pip and the City

You can tick off some serious travel bucket list goals by staying in an Aurora cabin in the Apukka Resort, just north of the Arctic circle. This amazing resort looks like something out of a fairytale. There are wooden, snow-covered cabins and ice cottages surrounded by dense forests and wandering reindeer. Apukka Resort is outside of the bright city lights and is the ideal place to see the beautiful and elusive aurora borealis, dancing in the night sky. Read my ‘Ultimate guide to Lapland‘ to find out more!

Ultimate guide to Lapland

Taskonaklar Cave Hotel, Turkey – Wandering Wheatleys

Located in central Turkey, the region of Cappadocia is known for winding underground cities, unique rock formations known as “fairy chimneys”, hot air balloon rides at sunrise and spectacular cave hotels that have been built directly into the rock! If you’ve ever dreamed of spending the night in a cave but would rather forego the dirt and the bats, Cappadocia is the perfect place to visit.

Taskonaklar is a boutique cave hotel that combines history and luxury. The architect kept the integrity of the ancient cave ruins in designing the gorgeous suites that you can sleep in today. Rounded stone walls and dim lighting create the ambience of a cave, while plush bedding and beautiful antique furniture will ensure you have a comfortable stay. Opt for the deluxe room with the private outdoor jacuzzi tub so you can have a sunrise soak while watching the hot air balloons float through the valley below!

Amazing places to sleep around the world

Timber Ridge Treehouse Illinois – Travel with Sara

We found a unique tree house lodging experience in Southern Illinois. The Timber Ridge Outpost and Cabins in Illinois offers tree houses for an unusual glamping experience. Luxury lodging surrounded by nature and half a day’s drive from Chicago. Guests can enjoy an amazing glamping experience with kayaking and horseback riding adventures nearby. Nestled in woodlands, these treehouses offer you an opportunity to disconnect from the world and appreciate beautiful nature.

Sheki Karvansaray Hotel, Azerbaijan – Wander-lush

The small town of Sheki in northern Azerbaijan lies at the crossroads of east and west. From the second century BC, merchants travelling the fabled Silk Road passed through Sheki on their way from China to the Mediterranean. Inns called caravanserais were built all along the road to accommodate traders and their goods.

After a period of abandonment, the caravanserai in Sheki, a magnificent two-storey stone building, re-opened as a hotel in the 1990s. Some of the 600 separate chambers were converted into modest hotel rooms, each with a private bathroom. The real highlight of the Sheki Karvansaray Hotel are the common areas, a spectacular central courtyard and arched cloisters.

Hocking Hills Caboose – Yoder Toter

In the hills of Southeast Ohio, USA sits a unique, cabin-like property.  The Hocking Hills Caboose is a restored train caboose that sleeps 5.  Equipped with a full bathroom and kitchenette, it’s the perfect place to relax after a long day of hiking.  Our family enjoyed sitting on the deck and watching the stars come out each evening. There was a fire-pit to enjoy s’mores and a barbeque to make dinner. Hocking Hills State Park is Ohio’s premier outdoor destination.  From kayaking to climbing waterfalls, Hocking Hills has a lot to offer people of all ages.  The Caboose is great for couples looking for a unique getaway, or families wanting to make memories that don’t involve WiFi. For those that aren’t comfortable in a tent, this is a taste of glamping.

Granó Beckasin, Swedish Lapland – The Idyll

Granö Beckasin is a tranquil retreat in Swedish Lapland. Situated next to the Ume River and surrounded by thick forest, Granó Beckasin is ideal if you’re looking for a blissful escape.  The treehouses, nicknamed Bird Nests, is a unique accommodation option in Granö. Built from sustainable and recycled materials, the treehouses are nestled in pine trees near the main lodge. Inside, they’re luxuriously comfortable. By day, you’ll get expansive views of the river. And by night, you can stargaze from your bed, as each treehouse has a skylight. You can stay in a Birds Nest at any time of year, as they’re cosy and snug during winter.

Yellow Dog Lodge, Yellowknife – Live Limitless

One of the coolest things about exploring the Canadian Northwest Territories is the sheer isolation of it all. Its huge size coupled with an extremely low population means there’s a lot of untouched nature teeming with wildlife. One of the best things to do in the northwest territories of Canada is to take a float plane to a secluded lake for fishing, hiking and aurora borealis viewing. However, if you want to take your isolation one step further, you can also sleep on a floating barge at Yellow Dog Lodge. We had a blast hearing our voices echo across the lake, sleeping under a blanket of stars, and waking up to nothing but the sound of the water hitting the sides of our barge. It was a magical experience.

Swags, Australia Outback, The Globetrotter GP

One of my absolute favourite places I have rested my head on my travels was on the dusty floor of the Australian Outback! Why, you ask? Well because I fell asleep after gazing for hours at the mesmerizing starry sky above me and there are few experiences as special as that. Now I’ve seen some pretty awesome scenery on my travels but the spectacular night sky was one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen, with no light pollution to dim the brightness of the stars.

On my 3 day trip into The Outback, we slept in swags. These are essentially sleeping bags with in-built mattresses. You can zip them up so that just your eyes are poking out and they sure are quick to pack up than a tent! I have to admit the possibility of sharing my swag with a snake, spider or scorpion crossed my mind, but luckily that did not happen! But once I was gazing at those stars, all thoughts of creepie crawlies disappeared and I fell into one of the most peaceful nights of sleep I’ve ever had!

Houseboat, Kerala – German Backpacker

Spending a night in a houseboat on the backwaters of Kerala in southern India is a unique experience and something you shouldn’t miss when exploring Kerala! The backwaters are a huge network of rivers and most people book a houseboat (including captain and cook) for two days, giving you enough time to float through the backwaters and to enjoy the beautiful views. You’ll see the locals living on the edge of the rivers going about their everyday work and at the end of the day, you’ll enjoy an incredible sunset. The houseboats have cabins and bathrooms, ranging from basic to extremely luxurious, depending on your budget.

Elephant’ Eye safari lodge, Zimbabwe – Go Eat Do

Elephant’s Eye offers upscale accommodation in eight tented chalets looking out onto the African bush. It’s located on a private estate near the entrance of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. Game drives and guided bush walks are an option, and wildlife visits the camp’s two water holes. Meals are served in an open-sided dining room, from where it’s possible to observe creatures such as elephants, antelope and warthogs while dining.The roomy chalets have verandas and are raised on stilts. The king-size bed is draped with a mosquito net. The shower is outdoors, overlooking the bush, and the bathtub is by the window. It’s a gorgeous place to stay if you appreciate nature, wildlife and luxury.

Two Seasons Island Resort & Spa, Coron – Universal Traveller

The Two Seasons Coron Island Resort & Spa is located on a private island near Coron and is a 100% self-sustaining island resort. The resort has 42 high ceiling bungalows spread among the island’s lush tropical gardens. I stayed in an Island Tip Bungalow with a private jacuzzi on the verandah, a great place to watch the sunset and the beach. The two restaurants provide 5-star resort dining, my favourite dish was the ‘Crocodile in Coconut Milk’. The resort organises diving and island hopping tours with their own private boats, rents transparent kayaks and Stand-Up Paddle Boards and also offers Wake-boarding and snorkeling tours.

Base Camp Hostel, Bonn, Germany – Wicked Walkabout

We saw this unique hostel on Pinterest prior to heading off to Europe and it was a ‘we gotta stay there’ moment. I love vintage caravans and funky accommodation, so the two combined were ideal. After buying a car and little caravan in the UK, we shipped our selves over to Europe and actually did a rather large detour on our way to Denmark to go stay in Bonn at the ‘Base Camp Hostel’.

It is a huge warehouse not too far from the centre of the city that houses a couple of dozen vintage caravans, kombi vans, a train carriage and even a Harry Potter style car with a rooftop tent. Each one is done up with a different theme and the whole place is such a laugh and great fun. I wanted the ‘drag queen’ caravan that was all done up in hot pink and boas… alas, it was pre-booked, so I sent the girls off to choose. We stayed in the funky surfer dude kombi van for the night while our little caravan was parked and abandoned outside.

Native hut in Tibiao, Philippines – Tara Lets Anywhere

While backpacking across the Philippines, we stopped by the municipality of Tibiao in Antique. Tibiao has a very provincial feel – lots of farms, forest mountains and so on. We booked for an overnight stay in a local native hut. The hut is in itself very simple. There’s a mattress on the floor and an adjoining toilet, and that’s it. But we loved it. The hut is located beside a river, so it’s easy to be lulled to sleep with the sound of gushing water. It’s also very cool despite the lack of an electric fan. We kept the window open and saw a very clear starry sky. It’s one of the most memorable stays we’ve had in all our travels.

 Timbivati Game Reserve Tree House, Kruger – We Go With Kids

My husband and I celebrated our tenth anniversary with a bucket list trip to Africa. While staying in the Timbivati Game Reserve bordering Kruger National Park, we had the opportunity to spend the night in a bona fide treehouse overlooking a watering hole. The staff at our camp supplied us with strict instructions not to leave the treehouse and gave us a radio for emergencies, but otherwise, it was up to us to pass the night. At one point, we looked out to see the most beautiful moonlit white rhino taking a midnight sip of water. It was truly an experience to remember.

Sinonomeso Ryokan Onsen Town, Japan – A Social Nomad 

A traditional Japanese Inn is called a ryokan. A stay in a Ryokan usually includes traditional Japanese multiple course dinner and breakfast served in your room. Rooms are simple, with low and little furniture. In our ryokan experience at the Sinonomeso Ryokan in Kinosaki, we donned the traditional yukata clothing, removed our footwear because of the tatami mat flooring and embraced the whole experience. A traditional Kaiseki Ryori Dinner was served at low tables in our room and our futons were laid out for us while we enjoyed the public onsens in town. It was for us a bucket list experience, culturally very different to anything we’d done before, and superb!

Annam Junk, Vietnam – The Beau Traveler 

I spent 2 days and a night staying the night on Annam Junk, in which it includes the total package of Ha Long Bay tour in Vietnam.The total price for the whole tour is $100, although as I travelled alone, they charged me extra $20 for single amenities. The downside of solo travel, boo! Despite everything, I didn’t regret my decision to spend extra money for it because I loved the scenery of Ha Long Bay from my cabin, and it would have been a very romantic place if you stayed there with your beloved one. I’m considering it to be on my future honeymoon destination one day.

Treehouse, Yala – Siddharth & Shruti

We honestly didn’t know what to expect from a treehouse stay and we have to say that it was a pleasant surprise. When we reached the luxury treehouse at Yala in the evening, we sipped our welcome drinks on the balcony and watched the sun go down. We couldn’t have asked for a better first impression. Along with being located in the middle of the wilderness, this luxury treehouse was equipped with all kinds of creature comforts; hot water, air conditioning, a mosquito net, fast wi-fi and multiple sockets. We definitely will recommend a treehouse stay to bird lovers as you get a chance every morning and evening to spot exotic birds right from your abode.

Underground Hotel, Coober Pedy – 5 Lost Together

Recently we stayed in an underground hotel in the Outback of Australia. The tiny town of Coober Pedy is best known for its opal mines and for its underground homes, called dugouts. The town residents keep cool in the scorching summer heat by digging out their homes from the rocky hills and enjoying the natural air conditioning of being below ground. There are lots of hotels in town where travellers can get a taste of underground living. We stayed at the Comfort Inn Coober Pedy and it was a really neat experience. In addition to being a great escape from the heat, it made sleeping in really easy.

Maldives scuba diving liveaboard – The Round The World Guys

The Maldives is an archipelago of thousands of islands, and one of the best ways to explore this island nation is by doing a scuba diving liveaboard. We spent 7 wonderful days on the ‘Emperor Leo’ in The Maldives. The boat was our cosy home base room for a week, while we navigated this beautiful paradise. There’s nothing quite as special as falling asleep every night on a yacht in the middle of the ocean.Even better, we had a chance to explore what the Maldives is famous for, underwater beauty.

Amazing places to sleep around the world

What do you think of this list of Amazing places to sleep around the world? Would you stay in any of these places or do you prefer your own bed at home? If you prefer to be tucked up in your own bed you should check out the latest mattress offers available on Groupon, to get a snuggly nights sleep!

Amazing places to sleep around the world

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