Amazing adventure in Iceland

10 ways to have an amazing adventure in Iceland

With hot springs, active geysers, thundering waterfalls, eclectic cuisine and elusive northern lights, a trip to Iceland is sure to dazzle and impress visitors. There is an abundance of activities on this quirky, geologically diverse Nordic island, available in both summer and winter seasons. Whether you like luxurious spa’s, wildlife […]

Festive dining at Strada
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Festive dining at Strada Restaurant

December is the season for indulgence, before you know it you have consumed your body weight in Baileys, mince pies and endless festive dining. Between Christmas drinks, endless parties and ‘lunch with the girls’, I had eaten out most nights by mid-December and I wasn’t entirely sure I could face another […]


10 ways to have an amazing trip in Costa Rica

Beautifully rugged and rainforested Costa Rica is famous for its happy inhabitants, volcanoes, wildlife, beaches and cracking cups of coffee.  The diversity of the landscape from the Caribbean coast to the Pacific coast means that you can have an incredible adventure exploring this vibrant and colourful country. Husband Luke and I visited […]