Cardiff International White Water Centre

Looking for a break from your usual leisure activities? Cardiff International White Water Centre [CIWW], offers up a range of exciting paddle sports that are sure to satisfy your inner adrenaline junkie. Located in the ever expanding sports village in the bay CIWW is exciting on-demand white water facility featuring 250 white water course, high ropes and indoor surf facility. Flat water activities such as canoeing and kayaking are offered through their paddle school, offering learners the chance to develop their paddle skills and work on awards to become a paddle pro.


Still feeling adventurous? You can escape the city and try scrambling up rivers and waterfalls in a gorge walking activity.
The obvious main attraction is the impressive 250m on demand, white water course, pumping out litres of white water thrills. The course can have its levels and flows altered to suit beginners or your more expert paddler, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the course. You can experience the course with experienced instructors in a variety of ways including a six man raft, a two person inflatable kayak, known as ‘hotdogging’, or face first on a river board, pick your paddle preference and dive on in.


We were rather keen to get our surf on and headed for the flow rider, the indoor surf facility that replicates the experience of surfing via shallow streams of water that allow you to ride a wave on a specially made board. Encouraging instructors are on hand to teach you surf moves and to assist with the inevitable wipe outs, rest assured we had some spectacular ones. We certainly had a thrilling afternoon attempting to balance on boards, Eskimo roll and wiping out in style, we can highly recommend you give it a try.

CIWW provides year round fun for families, individuals, groups and stag and hen parties with their brilliant range of water sport fun. So put down the jogging pants, grab and paddle and prepare to get wet.

Cardiff International White Water
Watkiss Way
Cardiff Bay
CF11 0SY

Tel: 02920 829970


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