Fetch the best china, set the table and start filling that cake stand, afternoon tea week is nearly upon us darlings! From Monday August 14th to Sunday, August 20th, Afternoon Tea Week celebrates a quintessentially British tradition that has been around since the 1840’s. Don your best outfits and get ready… View Post

I do believe the first time I heard the term ‘hot cloth cleanser’ was when I was at a blogger event and several of the girls were talking excitedly about this apparent cleansing miracle. I nodded along, whilst thinking to myself ‘what is a hot cloth cleanse? How do the… View Post

Oh Lush cosmetics how I love thee, your stores are an opulent, colourful, sweet smelling, sparkle filled, consumer wonderland! How I yearn for all the bath bombs, handmade soaps, beautiful gift boxes and freshly made face masks. Lush are a company that inspire some pretty passionate fans and it’s not… View Post