Essential travel items for your 2018 trips

Packing for a trip is a skill, it requires organisation, efficiency and a certain level of ruthlessness, you have to ask yourself ‘do I really need 19 bikinis?’ I’ll be the first to admit that packing is not a forte of mine, on a recent trip to Malta I somehow managed to pack straighteners, 3 different cameras and a mini Harry Potter wand, but only one pair of pants. My ultra organised husband has since banned me from ‘unsupervised packing’ and is starting to drill into me the importance of proficient packing. Thanks to his carefully teaching and enduring patience, I have decided to create a nifty little packing guide with essential travel items for your 2018 trips.

Essential travel items for your 2018 travels

Carry-on suitcase

Reduce the amount you pack by only taking carry on luggage, you’ll save time, money and you’ll be able to breeze around the airport without being weighed down by 25kg’s worth of luggage. Instead head straight to the departures bar and reward yourself immediately with a large glass of wine, you clever little sausage.

Essential travel items for your 2018 travels

Sleeping Mask

On long-haul flights, it can be hard to catch those 40 winks so make sure you pack an adorable sleeping mask to shield out sleep stealing light. You at least stand a chance of arriving at your destination slightly more refreshed and without unsightly eye bags if you remember to bring this nifty little item.

Essential travel items for your 2018 travels


Use them on the plane, in the hotel, or when you just want to shut off from the world poolside, there’s a dozen uses for these handy devices. They are cheap to buy and light to carry, so stock up and enjoy the sound of silence.

Essential travel items for your 2018 travels

Swimming trunks

You may think you only need swimming trunks for a beach break, but if you discover your hotel has a spa, then you could waste valuable vacation time trying to hunt down a reasonably priced pair. Throw some in your case and be safe in the knowledge that you can be pool ready in a jiffy.

Essential travel items for your 2018 travels


I fully recommend taking a few pairs of cheap sunglasses on your travels, especially if you are going down the ‘backpacker route’. I have lost count of how many sunglasses I have lost in rivers/bars/on public transport/to an aggressive Monkey in Malaysia. Sure, it’s nice to rock Ray-Bans but you have to prepare yourself that you may well sit on them on the sun lounger.

Essential travel items for your 2018 travels

Rain jacket

You have to accept that there may be the odd downpour when travelling, chances are it’s not all going to be ‘sunshine selfies’, especially if you go to certain parts of Europe. Pack an ultralight rain jacket, preferably one that’s stylish and waterproof, so you can wear it out and about for all occasions.

Essential travel items for your 2018 travels

Portable Charger

There is surely nothing worse than reaching for your phone to snap the perfect sunset and realising that you are out of juice. I normally take 2-3 small portable chargers on a trip, so that I am covered all day for all my phone calls, snaps and social.


Travel with as many books as you please with a Kindle. Gone are the days of lugging around 5-6 beach reads with this ingenious device. I have a Kindle Paperwhite that is lightweight, with a long battery life, that is easily carried around in a small bag.

Essential travel items for your 2018 travels

Travel First Aid Kit

A compact first aid kit can be a godsend so minor injuries such as blisters, rashes and small cuts. I have treated many a flip-flop sore with plasters from a mini first aid kit. I used to smirk at this practical piece of luggage and thanks to my pragmatic husband treating many of my minor accidents, I now always endeavour to pack one.

Essential travel items for your 2018 travels

Wet wipes

Ok, so this isn’t glamorous but wet wipes are extremely useful when you have a long journey, without access to a shower, for a little ‘personal wash’. Keep yourself nice and fresh when on the road and you will feel so much better for it.

What travel essentials do you take on trips? Let me know in the comments below.


Pip Jones

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