Finding festive travel gifts with Uncommon Goods

The most wonderful time of the year is here again, Christmas is all about mince pies, boozy nights out, filling your face with turkey and gift giving to your nearest and dearest. If like me, Christmas shopping on the high street fills you with utter dread, then why not do your shopping online this year? There’s nothing better than avoiding the Christmas crowds by pouring a large glass of red and settling down for an online shopping session to find festive travel gifts. I’ve teamed up with kooky online retailer Uncommon Goods to share some of my favourite festive finds for travel lovers, so you can gift shop with ease this holiday period.

Finding festive travel gifts with Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is a great choice for the ethical gift giver due to their commitment to sustainability and working with artists to small manufacturers.They also do not sell products that harm people or animals and many products feature recycled components, that should surely give you the Christmas feels?

Here are a few of my favourite Christmas gift ideas for travel enthusiasts, from their incredibly creative and quirky selection:

Scratch Map Deluxe

GBP £23.88 – £35.81

Perfect for showing off all your travels, mount on your living room wall and be the envy of all your lesser travelled house guests, with this quirky map. Scratch off all your destinations, improve your geographical knowledge with handy facts and bask in your globetrotting excellence.

Finding festive travel gifts with Uncommon Goods

Ticket Stub Diary

GBP 8.95

You can finally save all your flight tickets and attraction ticket stubs in a presentable diary, rather than crumpled up and stuffed at the back of a drawer. This book comes with lovely clear sleeves that fit a variety of ticket sizes, plus there’s also space in the margin to write down your special travel memories. An ideal stocking filler gift I think.

Finding festive travel gifts with Uncommon Goods

Travel bags

GBP £35.81

Organise your packing system with these stylish packing pouches from designer Jennifer Jansch. This handy set of travel bags allows you to sort your laundry from fresh and separate your shoes from your smalls. But it gets a lot easier when you’re using these stylish pouches.

Finding festive travel gifts with Uncommon Goods

Travel Cord Roll

GBP £14.92

Untangling charger cords frankly wastes valuable travel time. Easily pack and organises all your electronics cords and with this swish travel roll and make life a little easier when on the road.

Favourite City Socks

GBP £9.70

Feet should always be snug and stylish no matter where you are in the world. Wear your favourite city on your feet with these super cute city socks that make an excellent gift for a girlfriend, or wife [hint hint husband of mine].

Finding festive travel gifts with Uncommon Goods

Solar Powered Charger & Light

GBP £37.30

There’s nothing worse than reaching for your phone for a perfect ‘sunset selfie’ and realising you are out of juice. This handy charger uses the power of the sun to charge your phone so you can continue to snap away. This gift also comes with an ethical bonus as for each solar charger purchase, a light is given to one of the many people throughout the world without access to electricity.

Finding festive travel gifts with Uncommon Goods

National Park Explorer’s Thermal Bottle

GBP £26.86

Keep your brew warm and the chills at bay when exploring the great outdoors with a National Park-themed bottle. These trendy bottles feature an insulating, double-walled design inspired by four magnificent USA National Parks. They have an 18-ounce capacity as well as a no-slip silicone bottom for all the butter finger spillers out there!

Sweet Dreams eye mask

GBP £11.98

Grabbing some much-needed kip on a long haul flight can be tricky, luckily you can snooze better and look stylish with this pretty eye mask. This floral mask provides tired eyes with total darkness so you can have sweet travelling dreams.

 Finding festive travel gifts with Uncommon Goods

3-in-1 Traveler Bag

This versatile and swanky bag fits every travel occasion, it goes from being a briefcase, to shoulder bag to backpack, as quick as a flash. With various zipped compartments, it helps you organise all your clothing, electronics and essentials so that you can keep everything nice and handy.

Uncommon Goods have made it even easier to find the ideal gift for your loved ones with their expert gift guide Sunny. Instead of spending loads of time browsing across all of the gift categories, Sunny lets you search for your recipient’s interests all at once, giving you a nifty, personalised collection of gift ideas to suit that person. Let’s say you’re shopping for your friend, who loves travel and food. Sunny will show you items that fit these interests, making it easier for you to find festive travel gifts this Christmas.


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