Instagrammable walks of Europe

With its beautiful and diverse landscapes, historical architecture and divergent cultures, exploring Europe by foot is a slow paced and immersive experience. You never have to travel particularly far in Europe find yourself in a new town, with new walks to attempt and Instagrammable spots to discover. I’ve teamed up with Inntravel to bring you a post on Instagrammable walks of Europe, as well as a few travel photography hacks.

With its beautiful and diverse landscapes, historical architecture and divergent cultures, exploring Europe by foot is a slow paced and immersive experience. Click To Tweet

Instagrammable places of Europe

Inntravel specialises in slow travel and offers amazing walking holidays in Europe, where you can experience picturesque places in Europe at your own walking pace, allowing you to soak up the scenery and leaving plenty of time for photography.  Choose from a range of destinations and walking experience levels, on a self-guided journey following a detailed map and route notes, from one gorgeous hotel to the next.

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From stunning mountain regions to quirky architectural wonders, here is a list of Instagrammable walks of Europe, where you are sure to get some great snaps ‘for the gram’.


Italy’s capital is a sprawling metropolis of culture, iconic ancient architecture and bustling streets with whizzing scooters, chattering Italians and selfie-stick-wielding tourists. The best way to explore the city is to spend a few days wandering its romantic streets and getting lost in cobbled alleyways. Rome is also a ridiculously photogenic city and I think the best Instagram photos of this city will capture the essence of Rome’s busy urban spaces. Try to set up a travel tripod and set your camera to take multiple photos of the scene to ensure that you get a great snap or two. You want to give a sense of the frenetic nature of this beautiful city, with Romans going about their daily business amongst impressive architecture.

Instagrammable places of Europe


Facing out over a glistening Adriatic sea is the walled city of Dubrovnik. With its imposing stone walls surrounding the old town, mix of Baroque and Renaissance architecture, this UNESCO World Heritage site is wildly popular with tourists, especially in the summer when vast numbers of cruise ships dock at its port. Go to the top of city walls and walk the 2km circuit to get the best snaps of the old town from above. As you walk the walls you will spot fortresses, city gates, towers as well as be able to glimpse into compact alleyways, as people go about their daily lives.

I took one of my favourite travel photos on a recent trip to Dubrovnik. I set up my camera on my travel sized, Gorillapod tripod to take snaps of me overlooking stunning St. Lawrence Fortress.

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 Norwegian fjords

Western Norway is home to the dramatic fjord region, here you will find cascading waterfalls, glaciers, jagged mountains and adorable villages to explore by foot. When There are many beautiful places to photograph in the fjords, waterfalls always make for popular Instagram posts, so be sure to bring the right lenses and equipment to capture their beauty. I would recommend a wide angle zoom lens, neutral density filter and a travel tripod for optimum results. Play around with shutter speed, as the perfect cascading pictures require a bit of experimentation.


Catalonia’s Cosmopolitan capital is famed for its quirky architecture and is dripping with culture and vibrant art. Crowds flock to photograph its architectural delights, including Gaudí’s famed Sagrada Família and Park Güell. Spend some time slowly walking the city and seeking out its architectural delights, gardens and street art. There are many stunning places to photograph in this quirky city and the best way to find them is on foot.

When photographing architecture there are many photographic considerations to ponder. You can frame the entirety of the building within its environment, or photograph certain interesting features, or snap the structure at night to capture urban lighting and silhouettes. Your best Barcelona pics should feature the vivid architecture and energetic streets.

Instagrammable places of Europe


Italy’s central region features dreamy landscapes of vineyards, churches, olive groves and pretty towns. Everything looks like a painting in this charming region, so you can be sure to grab some captivating photographs as you walk around. Landscape photography is one of the most popular forms of travel photography and a wide range of lenses can be used to achieve different looks. Timing is also key and some of your best shots can be achieved by snapping during the ‘golden hour’, the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset, when everything is bathed in natural light.

Instagrammable places of Europe


Portugal’s capital has become increasingly popular with visitors the last few years. Tourists come to see its pretty cobbled streets, palaces, churches and pastel coloured buildings. Why not explore the city on foot at your own pace and spend a few days wandering around old squares, botanical gardens and churches and look out spots. There are plenty of Instagrammable spots in this picture-perfect town, why not try and get colourful sunset shot as the last rays of light shine upon the city? I would recommend using a tripod as well as a small aperture for longer exposure times.


This sun-drenched, Mediterranean Island has crystal clear waters, Baroque architecture and the beautiful walled city of Mdina, which is perfectly explored by foot as no cars are allowed in the so-called ‘silent city’. Spend some time in Malta walking around amongst fortified cities, sunny seafronts and cobbled streets with 17th-century buildings, in search of the perfect photograph. If you go seeking a seascape for your Instagram, try and pick an engaging focal point, such as a rock formation, lighthouse, or boats, or perhaps try to photograph the motion of the waves to get an interesting picture.

Instagrammable places of Europe

The Black Forest Germany

This densely forested area is said to be have been the inspiration of the fairy tales written by the Brothers Grimm.  The Black Forest is a mountainous region in south-west Germany and is very popular with hikers and sightseers, who come to walk around pretty villages and underneath dark canopies. It can be tricky to capture the subtle beauty of forests with a camera, try and find interesting features such as streams, twisted branches, waterfalls or colourful leaves to bring your pictures to life.

Instagrammable places of Europe

Austrian Alps

Journeying through this gorgeous Alpine region will provide you with panoramic snaps of dramatic, snow-capped mountains surrounded by lush forests. Trek through rugged and varying terrains in your quest for Instagram worthy photos, as you hike for stunning locations.  Try a polarizing filter for your mountain shots, this will darken a bright blue sky and make any clouds ‘pop out’ in the shot.

Instagrammable places of Europe

Alsace Region

Alsace is a quaint and historical region in northeastern France, full of whimsical towns that reflect its German and French influences.  There are outdoor activities in abundance here including hiking, biking, boating and fishing, or you can take your time walking around exploring the colourful half-timbered houses, in picturesque villages. Try and capture pretty village scenes for your Instagram pics, seek out streams, thatched cottages, quaint pubs and floral arrangements.

Instagrammable places of Europe

What do you think are the most Instagrammable walks of Europe? Where have you been that has amazing hikes and Instagrammable spots? Let me know in the comments below!

Instagrammable walks of Europe

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