Mini-chain Bills Restaurant in Cardiff Bay is a little piece of hipster heaven, with its shabby chic interior, boutique furniture, relaxed artsy vibes, plentiful vegetarian and gluten free options and commitment to working with small local producers and suppliers. Despite an array of recommendations from friends and foodies alike I… View Post

There are an abundance of dining choices in the fair city of Cardiff of late, offering up all manner of cuisine to tempt your tastebuds. Let’s be honest though, there’s nothing quite like a steak to get your little carnivore’s heart racing, so when the Jones household was summoned to… View Post

It was an exciting day in the Jones household when we received invitation to the new Porro restaurant on Wellfield Road in Cardiff, many a blogger friend had enthused over their menus, so expectations were running high. Fetch me my best dress and least scuffed shoes darling, date night is… View Post