As a born and bred Cardiff girl, it is often hard to imagine the city from a visitor’s perspective. If I was travelling to Cardiff, where would I stay? What places would I go to? What would the city look like to me? Why is there a man playing drums… View Post

Mini-chain Bills Restaurant in Cardiff Bay is a little piece of hipster heaven, with its shabby chic interior, boutique furniture, relaxed artsy vibes, plentiful vegetarian and gluten free options and commitment to working with small local producers and suppliers. Despite an array of recommendations from friends and foodies alike I… View Post

The evening began as it normally does, with attempting to dress my husband. We had received invitation to the critically acclaimed Potted Pig restaurant in Cardiff and Luke was experimenting with what a ‘grown up’ might wear to such a dinner. I had to patiently explain that perhaps shorts and… View Post

I’ll start this post off by letting you into a little secret, I am not a big eater, in fact it’s rare that I actually finish a meal. As a self proclaimed ‘foodie’ I fear that perhaps I will be exposed as some sort of foodie fraud, the blogger who… View Post