Holiday packing list: Countryside break essentials

There’s nothing like getting some respite from city life with a relaxing countryside break to sooth the soul. But what to pack you might ask? The temptation is to leave it to the last minute and panic pack half your wardrobe whilst clutching a chardonnay, throwing clothes and shoes into a giant holdall to have all weathers and occasions covered. Plan ahead with my holiday…

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Weekend city break | packing essentials

There’s nothing I love more than a weekend city break, a chance to get away from the burdens of everyday life and explore a new city. City breaks are perfect for a quick getaway, they are often accessible by public transport links or serviced by airports if you have your heart set on going international. The key to a short break to carefully considered packing…

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Essential travel items for your 2018 trips

Packing for a trip is a skill, it requires organisation, efficiency and a certain level of ruthlessness, you have to ask yourself ‘do I really need 19 bikinis?’ I’ll be the first to admit that packing is not a forte of mine, on a recent trip to Malta I somehow managed to pack straighteners, 3 different cameras and a mini Harry Potter wand, but only one…

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