Turkey Tasting with Morton’s Farm


It’s not every day that a turkey arrives in the post, but in the weird and wonderful world of blogging anything can happen. Sometimes, when you say ‘sure, I can do a taste test and review’ a giant turkey lands on your doorstep. This clearly was no run-of-the-mill bird either, for this turkey was a free range bronze turkey from the Morton farm in Norfolk, known as Morton’s Traditional Taste. The Morton family have been rearing award winning, traditional farm fresh Christmas turkeys for the past 10 years. The happy birds are grown on the farm, dry plucked on the farm and sold from the farm gate, online or by mail order. Needless to say, we were going to be enjoying a quality turkey.


It was an exciting day in the Jones household when we took delivery of a Morton’s bronze turkey, complete with lovely carry box, with bemused husband Luke yelling across the hall ‘Babes, the mail man’s here with a massive turkey’. After many ‘selfies with turkey’ I was suddenly struck with a rather alarming thought, ‘how the actual hell do you even cook a turkey?’ In my turkey giddiness I had forgotten that I am largely undomesticated, in fact i’ve only just found out that hoovers have bags inside them.

The good people of Morton’s however have catered for dizzy blonde wives everywhere and have thoughtfully included a set of cooking instructions in their turkey literature, lest you have the less domestically inclined people like myself trying to wedge a turkey in the microwave.


Family were also on hand to help with the turkey cooking, which led to a sort of lovely pre-Christmas atmosphere, minus the christmas crackers and terrible TV. Whilst the turkey was cooking nicely in the oven we were reading up on our Norfolk bronze in our enclosed literature and discovering that these birds go through some serious pampering before the get to you, game hung and matured slowly, as well as being dry aged in a Himalayan salt chamber. I was mostly unaware that turkeys get to go to a quasi spa on their journey to your table, this was surely going to be one flavoursome bird!

We had decided to re-create Christmas, with a traditional roast turkey with all the trimming and vegetables sourced locally from Cardiff Market. If we were going to have a magnificent turkey, I wanted some lovely local veg to go with it, one simply cannot have inferior vegetables accompanying a Morton’s free range turkey. Heaven forbid.

The moment of truth arrived when the turkey came out of the oven. We had pinned all our evening meal hopes and dreams on the turkey and now it was tasting time, a hush descended amongst gathered family as I carved the first slice.

As I took the first mouthful I could already taste the distinctive flavour, this turkey meat was not only juicy but had a fuller and much more distinct flavour than turkeys of Christmas past, this was a game changer of a turkey. I can never again be expected to consume eat an inferior turkey.

In fact the entire family was in agreement over the superiority and deliciousness of the turkey with father even asking could we get another one for ‘real Christmas’. Clearly father has now developed a taste for the finer turkeys in life and nothing else will surely suffice?

Of course everyone knows that the best part about cooking a turkey are the ‘leftover turkey recipes’. Even a haphazard kitchen goddess like me can knock up some fairly easy turkey dishes. Over the next few days we made spicy Singapore turkey noodles, coronation turkey, turkey salad and of course Turkey Curry. There is surely a law somewhere that dictates that leftover turkey is to be made into a curry.




Needless to say the turkey was a resounding success, which goes to show that when you invest in quality, happy and healthy turkeys it does pay off in many delicious ways. It’s also great to support independent and family run farms who strive to do right by both their animals and their customers, the Morton family certainly seem to fall into this category.

Check out their website https://www.freerangeturkeys.co.uk/  to find out more about their turkeys , the Morton farm and to order now for Christmas.



Pip Jones

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