The Vale Resort Spa Day

There is nothing more fabulous than treating oneself to a relaxing spa, especially if you happen to receive invitation to the Vale Resort Spa, this was surely going to be pure indulgence? The four star Vale Resort is home to the largest spa in Wales with the added backdrop of beautiful Welsh countryside.

I was looking forward to an afternoon of relaxation and de-stressing, blogging is hard work don’t you know darlings, and I needed some serious ‘me time’. The Vale Resort is certainly an impressive venue, grand looking from the outside but with an air of tranquility suited to a spa venue. As I walked into the spa through their shopping area [or what my bank manager would call the danger zone], complete with lovely Chai Cafe, I was greeted by very friendly staff, who were keen to show me around and provide information about the spa and the various treatments on offer. Today I was to be having the Temple Spa ‘Red carpet facial’, I very much liked the sound of this, I would surely have an air of Kate Winslet at the Oscars about me afterwards? But first, to the spa! With towel and robe in hand I was shown to the spacious changing rooms, complete with showers, seated mirrored areas and hairdryers, everything a girl could need to get looking glam post-spa.

The lovely staff took me around showing me the six different relaxation zones, to say it is a spacious spa is an understatement, this is frankly a palace of relaxation. I loved the quietness and zen as you wandered round, there were water beds, an Indian-inspired ‘slumber’ zone that featured gorgeous lighting and quilts for you to unwind after a spa treatment. I warn you, you will be tempted to have a nap, these are super chilled spaces. I have been to many a spa in my time and after a while they all can tend to blend together as quite homogenous, clinical spaces. What I particularly like about The Vale is despite it’s size it retains a boutique spa feel, full of colour, soft lighting and with atmosphere that radiates cosiness and warmth.

For fans of wet leisure the Vale Spa also features a large swimming pool, whirlpool bath, sauna and steam room which I made full use of, I love a whirlpool bath to unwind in and it was certainly uber relaxing, especially when finished off with a nice steam, bliss.

It was time for my facial, I was led through to a lovely relaxing room complete with low lighting and atmospheric music and wrapped up snug in a series of sheets and towels. I was told a little about the Temple spa facial, this particular facial combined ‘glycolic resurfacing with skin-lifting massage techniques for a gorgeous glow’. The treatment seemed to have many stages of cleansing, facial and shoulder massage, product application and a soothing face mask, I felt utterly pampered throughout the whole process. I’ve never had a facial massage before and it was a really unique experience, my skin definitely looked brighter afterward.

I learnt that all the products used were from Temple Spa ‘A British lifestyle brand with a Mediterranean heartbeat that creates results driven products and treatments dedicated to preserve skin, body and soul. Crafted with advanced derma-science, technical edge and rich in botanicals combined with cashmere feel-good textures’, I am reliably informed. My face certainly had a relaxed glow about it post-facial and I was very pleased with their results, I am a now proudly a Temple convert! The Vale thankfully also stock Temple products in their shopping area, should you wish to continue treating your skin with quality products at home.

Sadly my time had come to an end at the spa, anxious husband was no doubt eagerly awaiting my return, in my absence he only tends to cook himself ‘pasta and margarine’, bless. Whilst disrobing I discovered that I had somehow managed to misplace my clothes in the changing room. Cue mini meltdown as I imagined having to drive home in a Vale dressing gown, like a modern day Miss Havisham. Thankfully lovely staff located my clothes which I had haphazardly left lying all over the spa, as if it was my own personal changing room and even managed to remain completely professional when I wandered into reception in a mild distress wearing a coat over my bikini exclaiming ‘I can’t find my clothes’. Bravo Vale Team, not even a suppressed smirk.

I had a fantastically relaxing day at The Vale Spa, it’s great to unplug and unwind every now and then, especially as a blogger. Gorgeous interior, fabulous treatments and friendly staff make this a brilliant spa to visit in Wales. Why not book your own Spa visit on their website or give them a follow on Twitter for all your spa updates.

Pip Jones

Pip Jones is a travel blogger, writer and content creator, she has been shortlisted for a Vuelio blogging award, is a brand ambassador for Euroventure Travel and is a Travelex ‘Top blogger’. She can normally be found drinking wine, typing an article and taking a selfie all at the same time.