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Where to eat in Aruba | the best foodie experiences

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When you think of Aruba you might imagine a small, sun-kissed Caribbean island with gentle surf, beautiful beaches and sun loungers.

You might not realise that it is a surprising foodie destination, with many exciting dining options.

If you are wondering where to eat in Aruba, make sure to read my guide to the best places to eat in Aruba.

Start planning your dream, foodie holiday in the Caribbean island today.

Where to eat in Aruba

Aruba has a large selection of dining choices and some of the best foodie experiences in the Caribbean.

Aruba cuisine has been influenced heavily by its diverse heritage and history.

What to eat in aruba

Caribbean cuisine

Aruba has over 90 different nationalities resident on the island and each culture brings its own culinary flair.

The dishes are inspired by a range of cultures including  Dutch, French, Spanish and  Arawak Indian.

Aruban cuisine has evolved over the years into a delicious fusion of these cuisines with vibrant Caribbean flavours.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Aruba Tourism UK

Here you can feast on traditional Caribbean dishes, Dutch specialities and incredible curries.

With over 250 places to eat on the island, Aruba is the perfect place for Caribbean food travel.

Where do the locals eat in Aruba

If you aren’t a fan of fine dining, there is a huge range of lively local restaurants in Aruba.

Many of which are frequented by the Islanders.  You can take your time exploring the local foodie options and eating your way around the island.

To discover the best eats, you can always ask the hotel or resort staff where they would recommend?

Or you can check out recommendations from other travellers on TripAdvisor.

Best local restaurants in Aruba

Some of the best local eats in Aruba are often away from the fancy hotels and flashy resorts.

Here are a few recommended places to eat in Aruba, to get a flavour of local life and eating.

For some of the best seafood in Aruba head to Zeerovers. You can order the fresh catch of the day and enjoy snapper, shrimp and barracuda at this oceanfront restaurant.

Want to try delicious Snapper? You need to check out Flying Fishbone it’s a fantastic seafood restaurant right on the beach.

If you are looking for a bit of Dutch flavour, check out Bingo! Cafe and Restaurant.

There’s a Dutch-style bar here that has a brilliant selection of wines and carefully crafted cocktails.

You can also try their Shrimp, Norwegian Salmon and Grouper.

Aruba restaurants Palm Beach

Palm Beach in Aruba has the most glorious white powder sands. There’s also incredible swimming conditions in beautiful blue waters.

There are plenty of lovely places to eat in and around Palm Beach. You can also visit Eagle Beach for foodie options, which is about 3 miles away from Palm Beach.

Where to eat Aruba Palm Beach

For fine dining in Aruba visit +297 Restaurant in Palm Beach. This contemporary restaurant is a foodie paradise with shared plates and delicious cocktails.

They have indoor and outdoor seating and the decor is highly stylised.

If you are looking for Italian cuisine in Aruba, head to Amore Mio Pizzeria Napoletana.

You can enjoy authentic wood-fired Neapolitan pizza, that’s lovingly made from scratch.

Cocktails Palm Beach Aruba

For some of the best cocktails in Palm Beach Aruba, check out Pelican Nest Bar in Palm Beach.

Here you can have jumbo cocktails, frozen cocktails and classic cocktails in a lively atmosphere.

You should also head to The Beach Bar, located on the beach behind Playa Linda Beach Resort.

Relax in cosy surroundings with gorgeous ocean views whilst sipping on a cocktail or two. Cocktails are best enjoyed by the beach right?

Aruba restaurants on the water

What could be better than dining with an ocean view in Aruba? There’s nothing quite like having dinner and listening to the sound of the waves breaking on the shore.

There are several seafront dining options in Aruba. Many of the oceanfront resorts in Aruba will also have sea view dining available.

Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino

The Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino has many beachfront dining options.

When you’re not splashing in the sun and surf on the white sand beaches, check out their award-winning cuisine.

Dine at their Atardi Restaurant for the best sunset dining. located on the beach, Atardi specializes in fresh seafood and spectacular views.

Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort and Casino

The Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort and Casino has a beautiful beachside dining experience at their Palms Restaurant.

You can enjoy fresh island cuisine in a beach dining setting that is a perfect romantic dinner setting. Make sure to ask about their amazing cocktail range.

Aruba beach restaurants

Matthew’s Beachside Restaurant is a great place for all you can eat ribs by the sea.

They also have plenty of entertainment to accompany your dining experience.

Live entertainment includes a live steel drum band on certain nights, live music and karaoke.

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort has unforgettable beachfront dining at their Elements Restaurant. Sit on the oceanfront deck, or admire the ocean inside, with floor to ceiling glass windows.

It’s one of the best places for sunset dining in Aruba.

Where to eat in Aruba | the best foodie experiences

Lunch on a Catamaran in Aruba

Why not have a vibrant Caribbean lunch aboard a Catamaran in Aruba? There are many sailing and snorkelling adventures in Aruba and many with have a lunch option as well.

Book a Morning Catamaran Cruise with Lunch to snorkel and swim in the beautiful waters and then relax with an onboard lunch.

Spot amazing marine life as you snorkel in crystal clear waters and then enjoy a tasty lunch.

You can feast upon Caribbean classics on this boat trip including grouper, BBQ chicken and fruit skewers. Also, enjoy unlimited local cocktails on-board.

Aruba seafood

One of the big foodie attractions in Aruba is the seafood. You can enjoy a range of seafood dishes that are freshly caught by Aruba’s local fishermen.

Make sure to ask what the ‘catch of the day’ is when visiting a seafood restaurant in Aruba.

Some of the best seafood restaurants in Aruba include The Old Fisherman, Windows on Aruba and the Flying Fishbone.

Aruba Dishes

Food plays a huge part in Aruban culture, there’s a real vibrancy to local dishes that are packed full of flavour.

There are many traditional dishes in Aruba you can try. Ask the staff at your hotel and resort what they would recommend?

Caribbean soups and stews

Properly Authentic Aruban soups are very hearty and filling. Aruban soups and stews can either be served as a starter or as a main dish.

Some of the most popular soups in Aruba are Sopi Mondongo, Pumpkin soup, Cool Island Soup and Erwten soup.

The popular Cool Island soup is a really unusual type of soup. It’s a fruity and chilled soup that is very cooling on those hot Aruba days.

Goat stew [Cabrito stoba], is also very popular with the locals. Many will claim their family has the best Goat Stew recipe. This filling stew will feature local spices and herbs and potatoes.


You have to try Marinated Meat on Skewers when in Aruba. The Dutch adopted this typical Indonesian dish and then introduced it into Aruba Cuisine.

Many Aruban and Indonesia restaurants will serve meat skewers in Aruba.

Goat Curry

This dish is a result of Indian influence in Caribbean cuisine. In Aruba, Goat curry is actually a bit more of a stew and is often served with rice and Indian flatbread.

If you don’t fancy the idea of goat, you can always order a chicken curry instead? Ask the locals where to find the best goat curry on the island?


Another Dutch classic that has found its way into Aruba cuisine. Bitterballen are small and golden deep-fried balls of deliciousness.

These popular, bite-sized snacks contain a mixture of meat and have a lovely crispy exterior and a warm, gooey interior. They are often sold at roadside stands in Aruba.


Plantain is mainly served as a side on a variety of main dishes in Aruba. It can also be enjoyed alone as a delicious, caramelly snack.

Plantain is a ‘cooking banana’, as it is best enjoyed fried or baked to release the sweetness.

When cooked correctly, they should be crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

Aruba food scene

There are so many dining options on the Aruba food scene. Prices are mostly comparable to dining out in U.S. cities such as Atlanta.

There is a good variety of budget eats available and even a food truck festival.

There are also new cafes and restaurants springing up on the island, keeping things fresh.

If you are looking for further recommendations on where to eat in Aruba, check out Aruba Tourism UK. Here you’ll find lots of information about dining on the island.

Aruba highlights video

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Where to eat in Aruba | Incredible foodie places on the island! The sunkissed Caribbean island of Aruba is also an exciting foodie destination with many restaurants, cafes and seafront dining. Read this guide to the best places in the Aruba food scene. Read more about Aruba cuisine, cafes and restaurants. #foodie #Aruba #caribbean #dining #destination

Where to eat in Aruba | Incredible foodie places on the island! The sunkissed Caribbean island of Aruba is also an exciting foodie destination with many restaurants, cafes and seafront dining. Read this guide to the best places in the Aruba food scene. Read more about Aruba cuisine, cafes and restaurants. #foodie #Aruba #caribbean #dining #destination

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