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My name is Pip [or Portia to use my actual name, Pip is my lifelong nickname]. I am a UK based travel writer, podcaster and travel contributor for BBC radio.

After many years of travel adventures and unusual mishaps, I decided to create a travel website. I wanted it to be a resource for people seeking travel advice from a travel expert.

I now write travel articles that include, travel hacks, destination inspiration, city guides and affordable luxury.

I also enjoy living out a ‘Carrie Bradshaw fantasy’, of sipping wine and tapping away on a laptop. Hence the site’s name ‘Pip and the City’, as a sort of wink to that.

About Pip and the City

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UK Travel Blogger

I love an adventure and have travelled extensively over the years. I’ve hiked through the Australian outback, scuba dived off Thai islands, backpacked across Canada, road tripped in America, got lost in rural Bosnia and sipped cocktails on a rooftop bar in Palestine.

There have been various mishaps, missed trains and encounters with border control, but I have managed to stay in one piece somehow and I now document my adventures in my distinctive style of ‘delightful whimsy’ on my travel website.

I love all different types of travel and I cover many travel styles on my blog. My expertise is mostly in mid-range travel, city breaks and affordable luxury travel. I also am happy to write about solo female travel after years of solo travel.

I am normally based in Wales, the UK with my husband and favourite human Luke. Luke is a music producer and publisher and produces my Podcast.

We love to travel together as much as possible. We are extremely passionate about seeing new places and experiencing new things together.

If you want to chat about travel get in touch on social media or on my contact page. Happy travelling guys.