When I was growing up Wales wasn’t exactly considered a culinary haven, the mere mention of Welsh food conjured up images of pots of cockles, overcooked leeks and the pungent smell of seaweed. The identity of Welsh food in recent years seems to be gaining momentum, with an emphasis on using local… View Post

December is the season for indulgence, before you know it you have consumed your body weight in Baileys, mince pies and endless festive dining. Between Christmas drinks, endless parties and ‘lunch with the girls’, I had eaten out most nights by mid-December and I wasn’t entirely sure I could face another… View Post

When I previously thought of ‘Irish cuisine’ I could never get past the clichéd images of bowls of watery mash and a pint of Guinness in a dark run down pub, populated by ale-soaked, boozy old men. Having spent some time eating my way around Northern Ireland recently, I can… View Post

Like most regions in Italy, Sicily has its own distinctive cuisine, culture and historical routes. This sun-drenched Mediterranean island has a rich history and landscape of temples, mosaics, ancient sites all sounded by a stunning backdrop of aqua sea, mountains and one of Europe’s highest active volcanoes, Mount Etna. Sicily’s extensive… View Post

Summer is finally upon us in Wales, you can smell it in the air, freshly mown grass, sizzling burgers on a BBQ on a balmy night and the gentle humming of bees and the sweet chirps of birdsong. Unless of course, it is chucking it down with sideways with rain,… View Post