Travel planning service

Too busy to figure out all the travel details for your next trip? Let a travel expert help you build a travel itinerary and take the stress out of travel planning. It’s important to note that this is a travel planning service, not a travel booking service.

Travel agents will book everything for you and receive commissions from airlines and hotels etc. As a travel planner, I am providing trip itineraries and suggestions based on my years of experience and travel expertise.

I can help you plan the best trip possible and then send you the links to everything you need so that you make the bookings yourself. I charge for my time and expertise an take the hassle out of all the research and planning of travel. I can help with travel planning for:

  • Family holidays
  • Couple getaways
  • Solo trips
  • Honeymoon
  • City breaks

What you get from my service

I can assist you with as many elements of your trip planning as is needed. I can help with the planning of flights, accommodation, transportation recommendations and things to do.

My travel planning services can include some or all of the following:

Travel consultation and advice

Transportation options

Hotel bookings that are suited to your budget

Activities and things to do suggestions

A detailed, day by day itinerary

Benefits of a travel planning service

I can save you time and money by taking all the hassle and research out of your trip. Instead of spending our researching travel options on the internet, you can outsource this job to me for a reasonable cost.

I can save you money by using my travel expertise to utilise deals, travel hacks and promotional offers that I know about.

I can also advise on cost-effective modes of transportation, reasonably priced hotels and activities that won’t break the bank.

Work with me and let me help you plan your dream trip today!

What I need from you

To get started with planning your trip I need you to email me with details about your trip including:

  • The destination[s] you want to visit
  • Budget
  • Dates of your travel
  • Your accommodation preferences
  • Food preferences
  • What type of things you like/ activities you like to do [nature, culture, history etc]

Booking your travel

Once we have agreed on a finalised travel itinerary and you have paid the fee, I can send you a completed travel itinerary and report so that you can purchase the travel yourself.

Travel planning cost

The cost of my travel planning service is dependent on a few factors such as the number of destinations, how big your itinerary is and how much you would like to help you to plan your trip.

Once you send me information as to what you are looking for I can send you a customised quote. Please note that I will need payment in advance before I can begin travel planning for you.


For further information and a travel planning quote, please contact me via email at pip(at)pipandthecity(dot)com or get in touch via the contact page.

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