Beautiful architecture, romantic cobbled streets, gondolas gliding through canal waterways, you’ll never forget your first visit to Venice, the enchanting city of canals. This miraculous floating city is a dazzling patchwork of over 100 small islands, linked by pretty bridges with picturesque canals flowing through. If you are considering a… View Post

The quirky and vibrant City of Bristol was recently voted the best place to live in the UK. It’s easy to see why when it’s full of uber cool cafes, colourful streets, a lively harbour, foodie finds, funky street art, craft beers and independent shops, this is one seriously happening city.… View Post

When I was growing up Wales wasn’t exactly considered a culinary haven, the mere mention of Welsh food conjured up images of pots of cockles, overcooked leeks and the pungent smell of seaweed. The identity of Welsh food in recent years seems to be gaining momentum, with an emphasis on using local… View Post

What’s the most amazing place you have ever spent the night in on your travels? Have you experienced a particularly amazing hotel, or a houseboat or an ice hotel? There are some incredibly unique places you can spend the night in across the world and travellers are seeking out more… View Post

Travelling to Russia by train is an incredible experience that should feature highly on every travel bucket list. You can start an interrail trip in Europe and go onwards to Russia for an exciting and memorable train trip through a mix of dreamy countryside and pockets of urbanisation. You can… View Post