Episode 17: The future of the travel guidebook industry

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On episode 17 of the Travel Goals Podcast, we talk about the future of the travel guidebook industry.

The future of the travel guidebook industry

I talk to people from the travel guidebook industry about what is happening in the industry right now and discuss the future of the guidebook industry.

In this special episode I speak to editors, authors and a guidebook MD from various guidebooks including Lonely Planet, Moon Guides, Rough Guides and Bradt guides.

are guidebooks still relevant

Why I still use guidebooks

I have a vivid memory of being 18 and stood near the Eiffel tower as the snowflakes swirled around me on my first solo trip.

 Whilst this may sound incredibly romantic, I was actually lost, not dressed for minus 10 conditions and I was thumbing through my only source of travel information, my travel guide book on Paris.

When I first started travelling, guidebooks were my bible. I didn’t have a smartphone, TripAdvisor was barely on the scene and there were no travel blogs.

Like many other travellers I got most of my travel information from guidebooks and fellow travellers when I was on the road.

Thanks to increased global connectivity, travel apps and a wealth of online travel resources, the trips today can potentially be mostly paperless.

Are guidebooks still relevant?

So, are guidebooks still relevant? Does anyone still carry around a large book in their backpack when a smartphone fits in your pocket?

This episode is being recorded in the middle of a global pandemic which is causing chaos with the travel industry.

On Episode 14 and Episode 15 of the Travel Goals Podcast, I speak to people in the travel and tourism industry about how the travel industry can bounce back from a pandemic. Make sure to download those episodes after listing to this one.

The coronavirus is just one of the many things that have impacted the guidebook industry over the years.

I spoke to several guidebook authors and editors to find out what the future of the guidebook industry is and what direction it might take over the coming years?

Guidebook guests

Guidebook guests on this episode include:

  • Aimee White – Travel Editor for Rough Guides
  • Fionn Davenport – Travel writer for Lonely Planet
  • Adrian Phillips – MD Bradt Guides
  • Steph Dyson – Guidebook author for Moon Guides and Rough Guides
  • Megan Eaves – Guidebook editor for Lonely Planet
  • Helen Moat – Guidebook Author for Bradt Guides

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