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Episode 18: How to travel mindfully and why it’s important

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On episode 18 of the Travel Goals Podcast, we talk about How to travel mindfully and why it’s important.

How to travel mindfully

Whilst the concept of Mindful travel might seem like a bunch of crystal healing, incense waving wokeness, it’s actually a really good practice to get into. Especially if you want to get the most out of your time on the road.

It’s all about living in the present moment and slowing down to enjoy and appreciate the environment around you in a destination.

When traveling abroad, it’s easy to fall into the habit of fast tourism. You arrive for a weekend break in a destination and stay in a chain hotel.

Then tick off the important sites, let TripAdvisor decide where you are eating and then move swiftly on to the next destination. You’re not exploring your destination; you’re simply using it.

Why bucket list travel is problematic

If you are short on time in a destination, it can be especially tempting to spend the entire trip rushing around to the Instagrammable locations, hunt down every bit of street art, obsess over the hottest café in town and visit every museum.

You worry that you might miss out, so you spend the whole trip running around ticking items off your bucket list. It can be utterly exhausting. I know, I’ve done it myself.

Travel burn out

Especially as a travel writer, I often race around locations trying to find the best things to see, the most amazing photo ops, the hidden hipster cafes and the obscure activities.

Whilst I love my job, this race to discover a destination can often lead me to feel utterly frazzled. Probably the obscene amount of coffee I drink doesn’t help either?

So these mindful travel tips are as much for me as they are for you. I want to get into good travel habits and help you become a more present traveller as well.

Mindful travel tips

Some of the mindful travel topics and tips discussed on the show include:

  • The benefits of slow travel
  • Why chasing photos for Instagram can be problematic
  • Consider how you positively contribute to each destination
  • Being culturally sensitive when we travel

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