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Episode 3: Prepare for long term travel with Lucy Ruthnum

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Episode 2 travel goals podcast Prepare for long term travel

Prepare for long term travel

On this week’s episode we talk about how to prepare for long term travel with Lucy Ruthnum, the travel blogger behind popular travel blog ‘Absolutely Lucy’

About Lucy

Lucy Ruthnum is the blogger behind Absolutely Lucy, a solo female adventure travel blog for those who dream of travel but have no idea how to make it a reality.

Combining practical advice from 5+ years of full-time travel and over 40 countries, with colourful adventures and a lot of heart.

Absolutely Lucy is a real, raw collection of travel stories and doesn’t shy away from showing the harder side of travelling.

Episode 2 Travel Goals Podcast

What we discuss on the show

If one of your travel goals is to plan a long-term trip then this episode is for you.

We chat about travel budgets, packing for a big trip, how to plan a long term trip and how to find accommodation when you are travelling long term.

How to prepare for a big trip

Some of the topics discussed on the show include:

  • How to plan a travel budget
  • Staying on budget when on a long trip
  • Do you need a travel itinerary on a long trip?
  • How do you find accommodation during your long trip?
  • What do you pack for a long trip? How do you decide what to take?
  • How to meet people on the road

Lucy provides thoughtful insight into travelling long term and also recounts her own personal travel tales.

There are so many practical tips on how to prepare for long term travel in this interview that can help you prepare for a big trip.

How to connect with Lucy

Are you planning a big trip? Make sure to tweet me your travel goals, you can find me @travelgoalspod on Twitter.

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