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Episode 7: Is Instagram ruining travel?

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Episode 7

On episode 7 of the Travel Goals Podcast, we talk about is Instagram ruining travel, with award-winning Instagrammer, Katy English.

About Katy

Katy English is a lifestyle and travel blogger, Instagrammer and public speaker based in London.

After 5 years of building her business, in January 2019 she started a 30-day creative photography challenge.

She wanted to engage her audience with an interactive daily game and it sparked a whole new creative direction for her account.

For this, she later won “Instagrammer of the Year” at the Blogosphere Magazine Awards.

Katy now mixes her imaginative Photoshop composites with colourful lifestyle and travel images, stop motions, and IGTV videos.

She also writes informative destination posts and food travel guides for her blog, and frequently speaks publicly about creativity on Instagram.

What we discuss on the show

If one of your travel goals is to become more mindful of how you use Instagram when travelling, then this episode is for you.

Some of the topics discussed on the show include:

  • Is Instagram is altering the way we travel?
  • We say we want unfiltered and raw travel images, so why don’t they perform well on the platform?
  • When does aspiration cross the line into illusion on Instagram? For example, Heaven’s Gate in Bali and Troll’s tongue in Norway.
  • What can creators do to create a more realistic portrayal of travel?
  • How can we photograph destinations ethically and responsibly?

I really feel like Instagram is part of a wider problem of over-tourism, cheap travel and our need to share every aspect of our life and travel on social media.

Talking with Katy has certainly made me consider how I use platforms like Instagram and the impact they have on destinations.

How to connect with Katy

What do you think about the impact Instagram has on travel? Does it affect how you travel? What are your other travel goals this month?

Tweet me, you can find me @travelgoalspod on Twitter.

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