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3 days in Venice | Perfect city break itinerary

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Looking for a bumper Venice itinerary? 3 days in Venice is the perfect amount of time to discover this incredible city.

With my 3 day Venice guide, you’ll see beautiful architecture, romantic cobbled streets and gondolas gliding through rustic canal waterways.

You’ll surely never forget your first visit to Venice, the enchanting city of canals

Venice travel guide - What to see and do in the City of Canals

3 days in Venice

This miraculous floating city is a dazzling patchwork of over 100 small islands. These are linked by pretty bridges with picturesque canals flowing through.

If you are considering a trip to Venice, read my Venice travel guide, to learn more about must-see places in Venice.

3-day Venice itinerary

Whilst it might not be possible to do all the Venice activities listed in this Venice guide.

I’ve included a wide selection of things to do in Venice, so that you can pick and choose what you would like to do.

I’ve included rough times for activities so that you can tailor your own 3-day Venice itinerary.

3 nights in Venice

3 nights in Venice is a good introduction to the city for seeing the highlights and getting a flavour of the city.

If you are short of time in Venice, you might want to consider booking a guided tour of Venice? This will allow you to see some of the best things in Venice with a professional guide.

3 days in #Venice is the perfect amount of time to discover this incredible city.  You'll see beautiful architecture, romantic cobbled streets, gondolas gliding through rustic canal waterwaysClick to Tweet

3 days in Venice | A perfect Venice itinerary

Day 1

Venice Gondola ride

The most cliché activity in Venice is also one of the loveliest ways of seeing the city.

A Venice gondola ride is a pretty pricey endeavour though as the city of Venice sets official rates for gondola rides.

Gondola rides in Venice cost around €80 for 40 minutes. If you want to romance your beloved in Venice, you are going to have to cough up darlings.

Venice travel guide - What to see and do in the City of Canals

Budget gondola rides in Venice

A good way of reducing the cost of a Venice Gondola is by sharing with others. Up to six people can share a gondola, the price is per boat, not per person, so you can reduce the cost significantly by boarding a full boat.

If you are looking for budget gondola rides in Venice then why not consider a shared Gondola Ride.

They are ideal if you are travelling alone or as a couple. If you are travelling in a group, you can all jump into a gondola together and split the cost.

Get your shared gondola ride here!

Venice travel guide - What to see and do in the City of Canals

It was lovely to effortlessly glide through the beautiful Grand Canal, as well as explore the minor canals around San Marco square and Rialto.

It is also rather lovely to look up and to see gorgeous Venice from the perspective of the canals.

Venice travel guide - What to see and do in the City of Canals

Venice gondolas

You may well board your boat with pre-conceived ideas of how your gondola ride will pan out.

The iconic 1980’s ‘Cornetto advert’ may have you convinced that boatmen will serenade you by crooning Italian ballads as float through the city.

The reality is that our boatman spent the entire duration of the ride talking loudly on his iPhone.

Occasionally he would wildly gesture to other boatmen that he would call them later. Whilst still on the phone, presumably to another boatman?

Nothing says ‘romantic boat ride’ quite like an Italian man shouting down the phone.

Venice Gondola Tour

Despite the lack of singing, a gondola ride in Venice still a rather fabulous way to explore the city.

You can also get those fabulous #GondolaSelfie photos for Instagram. Pics or it didn’t happen right?

If you want a private gondola tour for maximum romance potential, then I would recommend booking one in advance.

This will save you negotiating for a gondola and save you precious Venice holiday hours.

Book a private gondola ride here!

3 days in Venice | A perfect Venice itinerary

A super cheap way of having a quick basic gondola trip is to can find a traghetto stop along the Grand Canal and cross the canal. Jump on a very basic gondola for €2 one-way trip.

You will need around 40 minutes to an hour for a Venice Gondola ride.

Venice food tour

Do you love eating your way around a new city? Aspiring foodies should definitely book a food tour of Venice to learn more about the best food in Venice. You will also have the benefit of being led by a professional, local guide.

Being led by an expert guide means you will discover a unique insight into where Venetians like to dine.

If you only have 3 days in Venice, it’s a great way of ensuring that you eat local and authentic food in Venice.

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