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Creative ways to make travel memories last

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Travel can be a totally transformative life experience for many. It can have a deep and lasting impact on the rest of our lives.

One of the many benefits of travel is that it can give you unforgettable memories.

You also can experience the most exhilarating and challenging encounters as you explore the unknown.

Travelling is also good for your mental wealth and wellbeing. Several studies have even shown that it’s great for stress relief.

Creative ways to make travel memories last

Creative ways to make travel memories last

An important travel life lesson that I’ve learned is that preserving travel memories is almost as important as the trip itself.

I am always thinking about creative ways to make travel memories last and to stay connected to my travels long after the trip has ended.

Preserving travel memories

Whilst it’s great to take lots of photos and videos on your phone, you can do so much more to create great travel memories.

It’s all about injecting a little creativity into your life and using a variety of resources to document your trip.

I have come up with a handy guide on how best to best document and preserve your travel memories.

My tips should help you stay connected to your travel experiences even after the trip has ended.

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making travel memories last

Create a travel scrapbook

Instead of keeping all your photos on your phone, why not print them out and create a travel scrapbook?

It’s a fun and creative way of preserving your travel memories and is an ideal rainy day activity.

I would start off by printing out your favourite travel photos. Then start collecting up your old travel tickets and buying lots of different background patterns for your travel scrapbook.

How to put together a travel scrapbook

You can then start adding your trip photos, tickets, background paper and other craft materials to make a super creative scrapbook to properly preserve your travel memories.

Design Bundles is a fantastic resource for beautiful craft materials and design ideas for all your scrapbook and crafting needs.

They even have an entire section of their website dedicated to scrapbook designs, which includes everything you need to create your perfect travel scrapbook.

Create a travel photo wall

A photo gallery wall is a great way of preserving your travel memories and creating a unique design feature in your home.

Have your favourite travel photos printed as canvases or high-quality prints and then decide how you want to display them?

Create a travel photo wall

I would first decide how you want to arrange your photos and then pick a theme.

You can then incorporate other design elements into your photo wall that will complement the decor of the room.

I personally love columns of all my travel shots without any additional decor. It’s wonderful being surrounded by my favourite travel memories at home.

how to create a travel photo wall at home

Make a travel video

if you are anything like me, you probably have numerous film clips on your phone from your travels. I am a huge fan of travel photography and documenting my adventures.

Why not edit them together and create a highlights reel or even mini videos of your trip?

Whilst video editing can sound like a lot of hard work, there are numerous video editing apps you can use on your phone to easily edit together your travel film clips.

Edit your travel videos

Some of the best video editing apps you can get on your phone include:

  • Magisto
  • Hyperlapse
  • Wondershare FilmoraGo
  • InShot
  • WeVideo
  • Splice
  • Adobe Premiere Clip

Download a video app now and start creating your travel videos. You’ll then be able to look back on your memories in a fun and creative way.

Set up a travel postcard exchange

I have been lucky that I have made a lot of friends throughout my travels. I talk to them on the phone, they come to visit me and we follow each other on social media.

They are very much still a part of my life and it is so nice that we can share our travel memories, even years later.

One unique thing I like to do is to swap postcards with my travel friends. It’s a unique way to preserve our travel memories and to stay in touch.

Why postcards are still important

Sure there’s email and Whatsapp but nothing says ‘I am thinking of you’, quite like a postcard or a letter. They take time to compose and they really show that you care.

An email takes only a few minutes to write and doesn’t encourage the same level of response.

In fact, some studies show that the most common length of an email response is just 5 words long.

Instead of electronic communications, set up a travel postcard exchange with your travel friends? You can regularly write to each other and form more meaningful connections.

It’s also always nice to have something coming in the mail other than bills.

Set up a travel postcard exchange for travel memories

Collect travel souvenirs

One way of remembering a destination is by buying something that reminds you of your travels.

In all honesty, i’m not a fan of ‘tourist tat’, you know the kind of trashy souvenirs that you now wish you hadn’t bought?

A Miniature Leaning Tower of Pisa, I heart NYC fridge magnet, a knock off Russian doll, a Blackpool snow globe? I’m sure all frequent travellers have a souvenir shelf of shame somewhere in the house.?

Buying travel souvenirs

Having said that, there is merit in buying something in a destination that has meaning to you.

I am a big fan of getting jewellery in a destination, I have a few rings and necklaces from some of my favourite destinations around the world.

Other travel friends of mine collect things like Starbucks city mugs, fridge magnets, pennies, shot glasses and tea towels on their travels.

Just be careful not to fall for a ‘souvenir scam’ on your trip. One of the most common travel scams is being taken to a “commission” souvenir shop as part of a tour.

Once you are there you are then massively pressured into buying overpriced items. This is a very common scam in places like Morocco.

We talk about common travel scams on episode 11 of the Travel Goals Podcast. Make sure to download that episode and stay safe on the road.

Collect travel souvenirs

Write a travel journal

What better way to take yourself back to a destination than reading your old travel journals?

These days most people document their travels on a blog but I think there is a certain romance and meditative pleasure in recording your thoughts on the road in a beautiful travel journal.

It’s definitely one of the more creative ways to make travel memories last.

Write a travel journal to preserve your travel memories

A travel journal can become a time capsule full of your travel memories, emotions, the people you met, travel romances and vivid descriptions of destinations you’ve been to.

Even though we live in a digital age, I still think writing a travel journal is a unique way to preserve your travel memories.

why writing a travel journal is important

Get a travel tattoo

One of the most permanent ways of immortalising your travels is getting a travel tattoo.

This can be a real roll of the dice though, as you’ll either end up with something you love or a botched tattoo that you regret.

If you decide to get a tattoo whilst visiting a destination, you need to be really sure that you get tattooed by a fully licensed parlour and is staffed by professional tattoo artists who follow safety procedures.

When travel tattoos go wrong

If you decide to get a tattoo in the language of the destination you are visiting, it is really important that you make sure you are getting the correct translation/characters etc.

There are numerous examples of Asian character tattoos gone horribly wrong. You ask for the Chinese symbol for “loyalty” and you end up with “Chicken noodles”, permanently inked on your thigh.

My advice would be to wait until you get home and take your time planning your travel tattoo. Taking your time to think about it will also help you decide if this is what you really want?

It’s easy to convince yourself that having “Welcome to the jungle” tattooed on your lower back is a marvellous idea when you are 7 cocktails deep in Vegas.

By waiting until you get home [and have sufficiently sobered up], you can have a little think about whether it really is such a great plan?

Getting a travel tattoo

Making travel memories last

Holding onto travel memories is a really important part of our adventures. After all, one of the main reasons we travel is to create lasting memories of our trips.

By thinking of creative ways to document our travels we can ensure that our memories of a destination live on.

What do you think of my guide to making travel memories last? Do you have any creative ways of preserving your travels? Let me know in the comments below.

Making travel memories last

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