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Episode 5: Why Uzbekistan needs to be on your bucket list

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Why Uzbekistan needs to be on your travel bucket list with Sophie Ibbotson

On episode 5 of the travel Goals Podcast, we chat with Sophie Ibbotson about why Uzbekistan needs to be on your travel bucket list.

Sophie is Uzbekistan’s Ambassador for Tourism to the U.K and is incredibly knowledgeable about this Central Asia region.

About Sophie

Sophie is an entrepreneur, consultant, travel writer, and lover of wild places.

She is Uzbekistan’s Ambassador for Tourism to the U.K and the author of five Bradt Travel Guides, including Bradt’s guidebook to Uzbekistan.

Travel Goals Podcast Uzbekistan

What we discuss on the show

If one of your travel goals is to visit Uzbekistan and follow the Silk Road trail, then this episode is for you.

Some of the topics discussed on the show include:

  • How have the political changes in the last few years impacted tourism?
  • What do visitors need to know before they visit Uzbekistan?
  • Some of the best destinations to visit in Uzbekistan
  • What is the best way for tourists to get around Uzbekistan?
  • Is Uzbekistan safe for female solo travel
  • What are the challenges of visiting?

Sophie provides insightful analysis and thought-provoking discussion as to why you should consider a trip to Uzbekistan.

Personally, I loved my time there and I would really recommend that everyone consider visiting this incredible country.

It isn’t without its challenges but it should be on everyone’s travel list, especially if you are looking for unique destinations to visit.

How to connect with Sophie

Are you planning a trip to Uzbekistan? Make sure to tweet me your travel goals, you can find me @travelgoalspod on Twitter.

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