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Tips for travelling around Australia | Best transport options

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The first things to know about Australia is that it is massive. Travelling around Australia is a big travel adventure.

Merely glancing on it on a map will not give you the sheer scale of this gigantic country.

You really need to do some extensive research to get as many tips for travelling around Australia as possible before undertaking your adventure down under!

travelling around Australia

Travelling around Australia

Your options for travelling around Australia include buses, trains, planes, group tours, car shares and campervans.

Each mode of Australia transport has its own set of advantages and challenges, which is why you need to do your homework!

You really need to do some extensive research to get as many tips for travelling around Australia as possible, before undertaking your adventure down under! #Australia Click to Tweet

Travelling Australia where to start

Your choice of travel will depend on how long you are in Australia and what parts of it you intend to see.

An Australia group tour might be better for covering a section of Australia if you are short on time?

Alternatively, bus and train passes might be better if you have a longer time to travel?

I would advise against trying to cram in too many Aussie destinations on your trip. The distances between towns, cities and points of interest in Australia can be huge.

In order to not spend all your time in transit try and stick to smaller areas to explore.

Australia travel route

Australia travel route

The most popular Australia travel route is up/down the east coast. Many people travel from Sydney to Cairns, or Sydney to Melbourne.

There are lots of cool towns and stunning points of interest on the way of both of these routes.

getting around australia

It can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months to travel these routes depending on your time and budget constraints.

When deciding your travel routes make sure to spend some time reading travel blogs and articles to get inspiration.

You can also try speaking to travel agents and fellow travellers to get an idea of what to put on your Australia itinerary.

I have lived, worked and backpacked around Australia a few times, using varying modes of transport to get me around this vast country.

Do you need an Australia visa?

Before you start planning your Australia trip, you should first look into the visa requirements for your country.

Visitors to Australia will be subject to visa requirements. The most common Australia visa is the eVisitor visa.

This visa is for tourists and travellers and is valid for a maximum stay in Australia of 3 months. This is the perfect visa if you are looking to just travel in Australia for a few months.

If you want to work, study or do business in Australia, you will need to check the Australia visa requirements to find out if you meet them and then how to apply.

Make sure that you secure the correct visa before booking your travel to Australia so that you avoid any trouble during check-in.

Australia Bus Travel

If you are wondering how to get around Australia without a car, Greyhound ‘Hop On Hop Off’ bus passes can be the most convenient way to travel around Australia.

You can travel by coach between cities, take short trips or travel the whole country. It’s all dependent on your travel time and budget.

Australia bus travel

If you are travelling Australia on a budget Greyhound is the largest bus provider and offers many routes across Australia and is reasonably priced for what you get.

Many of Greyhound’s coaches offer reclining seats, air con, USB charge point, reading lights and also some sporadic wifi. Perfect for travel photography enthusiasts, gramming’ their way around #Australia

Greyhound Australia

Popular Australia hop on hop off bus routes includes Sydney to Cairns, Melbourne to Cairns and Sydney to Brisbane.

The passes are valid for one-way travel only and vary in price, depending on your route.

The Australia bus passes can be bought online on the Greyhound website. Make sure to book your ticket in advance online to get your transport sorted!

australia bus

Australia bus routes

A Sydney to Cairns pass will typically set you back around $445 and Sydney to Brisbane will cost around $149.

The Greyhouse Australia passes are valid for 90 days from the date the first sector is travelled.

The upside of bus travel is that it’s fairly reliable and safe and will get you around the most popular destinations.

The downside, of course, is that you can’t really choose who you travel with.

I once had a French man fall asleep on my shoulder and drool all over me. Luckily, he was very handsome, so I soon got over it.

Australia domestic flights

Flying in Australia can be beneficial if you are short of time and want to cover large distances in a short amount of time.

It can be a faster way of travelling around Australia if you don’t have long in Australia but have a large budget.

Australia flight prices can be quite high due to a lack of carriers, so make sure to use Skyscanner to get the best deals.

domestic flights Australia

Australia airlines

The main domestic airlines in Australia include Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Australia and Tigerair. There are also a few small, regional airlines, particularly in Queensland.

One of the most popular flight routes is between Sydney and Melbourne. This short, 1.5-hour flight is served by several carriers, so prices are a lot more competitive than other routes.

The Sydney to Perth route is around 5 hours long, so flying between these two cities can save you a lot of travel time.

Try and book as much in advance to save money as prices can get expensive, especially in the busy summer periods.

Tips for travelling around Australia

Australia group tours

Whilst experienced backpackers might be dismissive of organised group tours, they can be beneficial for travelling around Australia. Especially if you are limited on time.

You can actually cover a fair bit of ground on a group tour and make new friends as well.

Tips for travelling around Australia

Most Australia group tours are designed to cover the highlights in an area, in a limited timeframe.

Australia Tour groups on average are around 15 people and provide a great opportunity to make some travel buddies on the road.

G adventures Australia

G Adventures group tour Australia

I previously went on an Australian group tour with G Adventures. It was the most cost-effective way to travel through the ‘red centre’ of Australia.

Tips for travelling around Australia

Going on a group tour meant that my transport, accommodation, food and activities were all taken care of. There were also no surprise costs.

This was particularly useful as travelling around remote and hard to get to places such as Alice Springs, Coober Pedy and Uluru.

group tour Australia

These destinations are tricky to get to unless you have access to a car. In my case, I was towards the end of my first trip to Australia I was reluctant to invest in a car.

I also lacked the time to find a suitable carshare, so a short group tour was a perfect option for me.

I also ended up making lifelong friends on the tour, who I am still in touch with and spend time with today.

Tips for travelling around Australia

Australia Group Tour Benefits

Travellers often assume that group tours are more expensive than travelling independently.

This is because they haven’t broken down the cost of travelling solo, especially in difficult to travel areas such as the Australian outback.

Austrlia group tour benefits

Often you can get a much better deal with a group tour as by the time you have paid for car hire, petrol, camping equipment, food and excursions, the bills are already mounting up.

You also won’t have the benefit of an experienced guide and a group of fellow travel lovers to share the adventure with.

Do your research as many travel companies such as G Adventures, offer reasonably priced tours and also have several social enterprise elements to their tours.

Australia by Campervan

What better way to see the outback than to cruise the roads in your very own campervan?

You have the freedom to drive where you want, rock up to campsites and not have the hassle of setting up a tent.

Dependent on your budget and timeframe you can either hire a campervan from companies such as ‘Mighty Campers‘.

If you are planning on spending a long time in Australia, you can buy an Australian camper van privately from Gumtree.

Australia camper van

Travelling around Australia in a van

This is an especially cost-effective option if you are on a working holiday visa as both your transport and your accommodation are covered.

It also gives you the flexibility to travel around the country in comfort with all your belongings.

When I worked in Australia my friend Maria and I spend many a happy weekend in her campervan ‘Stan the Van’, driving to remote beaches and spending the weekend camping and surfing.

I would really recommend this mode of transportation for travelling around Australia.

Tips for travelling around Australia

Australia train travel

Trains are the fast, scenic and comfortable way to travel around Australia.

You can buy Australia train tickets at train stations or online, or buy flexible Australia rail passes.

austrlia by train

If you are visiting a specific area, such as Queensland, you can buy a rail pass such as the Queensland Explorer Pass.

This will give you unlimited travel for one or two months across the Queensland Rail Network.

Australia by train

Rail Australia

You can explore from Cairns in the north, right the way to Brisbane in the south.

It can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide what train journeys are the most convenient and affordable in Australia.

I recommend doing your research on specialist train travel websites such as Rome2rio and The Man in Seat 61.

Tips for travelling around Australia

Most hostels will have a notice board full of buy/sell notices and carshare notices.

Normally a group of backpackers group together for a car share to split the journey costs.

The upside is you won’t have to attempt long journeys alone but the obvious downside is that you have no idea who you might end up in a car with for several days/weeks.

car share Australia

I recommend earphones and your own personal playlist, as there will always be someone who insists on playing ‘underground German ska’ by a band that “you probably haven’t heard of”.

If there are no car share notices then check out websites such as ‘CoSeats’ or ‘Share Ur Ride’ for online lift shares.

Australia Car Rental

If you are considering car hire in Australia, most cities and town will have car rental companies that you can hire a car from.

Remember that rental companies require a valid driving licence in English and many require drivers to be over 21 and to own a credit card in their name.

Car hire isn’t the cheapest option in Australia but if you are looking for a car for a few days, it might be the most convenient option.

You can also check out deals online with the big players in car rental including Budget, Europcar and Hertz.

When renting a car in Australia, it’s important to read the contract thoroughly. Also, find out what the insurance coverage includes and what the excess is.

Remember guys, this is Australia. It is not beyond the realms of possibility to hit a kangaroo or get stuck on a dirt track road in the outback.

There’s also the possibility of breaking the window wipers driving through a swarm of gigantic bugs, or accidentally drive into a crocodile creek. You’re not in Kansas no more kids.

Tips for travelling around Australia

Buying a car in Australia

Having the freedom to cruise at your own pace on scenic routes and the coolest road trips, such as the Great Ocean Road, is incredibly beneficial.

When you purchase your own car or campervan, you are in charge of your driving destiny.

The downside of buying a car in Australia there is a fair amount of paperwork and preparation involved when buying privately.

There are things like registration, stamp duties, maintenance and transfer fees to consider.

You will also be responsible for selling your car on before you leave Australia.

Car Registration Australia

When you buy a car in Australia you are responsible for transferring the registration into your own name.

The confusing part is that each Australian state has its own set of requirements, regulations and organisations for this.

So it’s really important to pay attention to the details rather than assuming that ‘it’ll probably be fine’ and ordering another Jägerbomb at the beach bar.

Car Insurance Australia

In certain Australian states, both the buyer and seller need to complete and sign ‘Transfer of Registration’ paperwork.

Some states also require a ‘roadworthy certificate’  for a car provided by the seller. You will also have to make sure you are properly insured and have a valid driving licence.

Do your research online, speak to other travellers who have owned cars in Australia and read travel blogs on the subject.

This will help you get a good understanding of what is involved in buying a car in Australia as a traveller.

Tips for travelling around Australia

Australia budget car insurance

Make sure you not only have the minimum car insurance required, [in some states it’s included in the vehicle registration cost] but also personal travel insurance as well.

You want to be sure that you are covered adequately for all eventualities.

World Nomads offer comprehensive Travel Insurance for travellers. When travelling you have to be prepared for all sorts of travel fails on the road.

Australia road trip

If you aren’t completely overwhelmed at the thought of the paperwork and admin involved, the upside of having your own vehicle is that you can get off the beaten track a lot more.

Australia is full of secluded beaches, quirky and remote towns and bizarre outback landscapes formations, many of which can’t be reached by public transport.

There’s nothing like driving out to the middle of the outback and basking in the beautiful emptiness.

Tips for travelling around Australia

Australia by Motorcycle

Australia lends itself perfectly for motorcycle travel. The roads are wide and scenic and the weather is favourable.

The obvious setback is that there is no real way of carrying your luggage, so a good option is to pay to store it at a hostel for a few days whilst you go off on a biking adventure.

Much like driving a car, you will need to have the correct licence, as well as insurance, before taking to the road.

Tips for travelling around Australia

Much like buying a used car privately, you should check that you have all the correct paperwork and insurance.

The bike should have the original sales receipts and a fully stamped service book.

Make sure you check both the service records and ensure that the bike does not have any finance left on it as well. An HPI check should confirm this.

motorbike Australia

Motorcycle tours Australia

If you don’t have a motorcycle licence but want to experience the thrill of riding a motorbike in Australia, check out Scooteroo bike tours in Cairns.

Take a tour through the tiny town of 1770, on a mini ‘Harley’ style chopper. No bike licence is required for these ridiculously fun tours, you just need a provisional car licence.

If you are in the Sydney area, you can do a 1 Hour Sightseeing Motorcycle Tour of Sydney and the Harbour bridge.

Tips for travelling around Australia

Australia Car Relocations

Car and campervan relocations in Australia are a great idea for backpackers who are looking to do a one-way trip.

You can drive the car for free to help the rental company to relocate their vehicles.

Car relocation in Australia is really popular with backpackers and people travelling around Australia on a budget.

Transfercar Australia

If you use a company such as Transfercar, you can register your details, search what cars and campervans they available and then submit a request for your chosen vehicle.

If your request is accepted, you can organise the collection and drop off details with the rental company. It’s a great option for the budget-conscious traveller!

Visiting Australia

Australia is one huge adventure, there are beautiful beaches, surfing spots, coral reefs, remote townships and an expansive outback.

Make sure you give yourself enough time and budget to explore it properly and get around it at your pace.

If you are looking for accommodation in Australia make sure to check out Australia hotel options on HotelsCombined.

What do you think of my tips for travelling around Australia? How would you travel around Australia? Let me know in the comments below!

Planning your trip to Australia

Ready to book your trip to Australia? Use these awesome travel resources to get you started:

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Check out these tips for travelling around Australia. Your options for getting around Australia include buses, trains, planes, group tours, car shares and campervans. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each mode of transport! #Australia #traveltips #travel #Australiatravel
Check out these tips for travelling around Australia. Your options for getting around Australia include buses, trains, planes, group tours, car shares and campervans. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each mode of transport! #Australia #traveltips #travel #Australiatravel
Check out these tips for travelling around Australia. Your options for getting around Australia include buses, trains, planes, group tours, car shares and campervans. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each mode of transport! #Australia #traveltips #travel #Australiatravel

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